LeadYa Strengthened the Team through Giving and Sharing

They are a true workaholic, but valuing fun and camaraderie are also vital factors to get a dream team and help grow its business. These are the fundamental elements that any team should possess. The balance of work and fun effectively helps every employee.   

Even the sun wasn’t still up, LeadYa took pride to declare its slogan of work can be fun as well. Traveling almost three hours to Rizal Province, everyone was excited to do some sharing and strengthening the family’s welfare by socialization and team effort. LeadYa held its team building by doing charity works at Rehoboth Sampaloc Ministries Inc. and it continued to be more intense during the team building battle at the Phillip’s Sanctuary last February 27.

The whole family of LeadYa enjoyed the outreach program at Rehoboth Sampaloc Ministries Inc. (in Tanay, Rizal) carrying along the theme “Strengthening the Team Through… Giving.” The company knows how to give back from what blessings bestowed to it through helping others. Every employee met Rehoboth’s foster children and gave them an immeasurable love they were longing to have. It was a truly heartfelt moment with them as everyone shared fun activities through children’s games, song numbers, and even the coolest mascot in this country rejoiced with them—it is none other than, Jollibee! Kids and kids at heart enjoyed the dance number he performed together with Twirlie who made the kids even happier. LeadYa also gave some items that would help the institution to strengthen their mission and vision in helping street children. It was really a nice experience to share as LeadYa does always put people’s welfare at first despite busy schedules.

After a very touching event, it was time to do some action! Everyone traveled another extra mile to reach Phillip’s Sanctuary. The 12-hectare farmland tucked with the luscious green environment was where LeadYa guys conducted the team building. To really help everyone in familiarizing one another, they were divided into two teams—Yellow and Green. Each strongly undergone different obstacle courses namely: unity walk, crossing the “acid” river, 10-ft. wall climb, trust fall, tight rope, log balance, low rope courses, spider web, and lastly, combination of cargo net, log balance, and mud crawl. All obstacles were intended to test the employee’s endurance, teamwork, camaraderie, and strong-will to win every game. Everyone gave their best effort to win, but at the end of it only one team could win and that was the Yellow Team! Congratulations to them. Things wrapped up with on a nice and cozy swimming pool.