LeadYa Shows Its Versatility Outside the Office as It Successfully Commences Its First-Ever Badminton Cup

It was 22nd of May. The LeadYa crew couldn’t wait for the clock to hit the 5:30 mark. Everybody’s on high spirits, excited to get their daily tasks done, and eager to get off their chairs. Why? It was LeadYa’s first-ever badminton competition!

LeadYa shows an imposing demeanor whenever it means business. Still, this humble company knows how to effectively unwind, relax, and have fun. Last Friday, LeadYa held its first badminton competition to give its employees a good time after a week of steadfast work. Since LeadYa associates are serious whenever they work, they tend to talk to each other less often than usual. Considering this scenario, this event showed an opportunity for them to bond and to know more about one another.

Two teams were formed. The badminton court reverberated with joyful cheers and festive vibes. Teams gave their best on every hit they made, as if they were channeling their inner Lin Dan or Li Lingwei! But what made this event more interesting is that winners for each mini round get the chance to compete for the lucrative prize for the champion. Everything was raising a ruckus—but in a good way.

Finally, the event has come to an end. The company finished the night with an extravagant dinner to reload their stomachs emptied by the competition. The food was extremely great that even health conscious LeadYa-mates disregarded their diets just for that night. After all, who wanted to turn down free food?

Although only three associates were chosen as the victors, the whole LeadYa Company was more than delighted to be part of this prestigious moment. They got the chance to bond with their fellow workmates, enjoyed an activity outside the office, and most especially, experience the moments of friendship, sportsmanship, and unity among their comrades.