LeadYa Says ‘Aloha’ with their Hawaiian-themed 2015 Christmas Party

LeadYa Services Inc. celebrated this year’s Christmas with a Hawaiian motif. All employees enjoyed a fun night of luau and partying to highlight the season’s merry holidays.

Dec. 11, 2015 – As the clock ticked seconds closer to the end of the working hours, everyone already felt each other’s excitement as the energy of elation filled the LeadYa office floor. Knowing that something big awaited them at the end of the day, people hurriedly finished their tasks.

Employees looked at their monitors while seeing enlivened faces that turned into even brighter smiles through their peripheral visions. Some started humorously bragging on what they were going to wear, while others jokingly made fun of others’ outfits. And, as the clock struck 5:30 p.m., nothing but shouts of joy signed the finish of the week, and the start of the 2015 LeadYa Hawaiian Christmas Party.

The entire LSI bunch merrily walked along the streets of Makati Avenue and Kalayaan to head for Mongkok Dimsum & Noodles Restaurant. When they arrived at their private lounge, employees were immediately greeted with long tables overflowing with Chinese favorites, which included Chicken with Corn Soup, Beef with Broccoli, Chinese-style Fish Fillet, Chop Suey, Beef & Vegetable Fried Noodle, for the main courses, and Buchi (Jian dui in Chinese), for dessert.

Although the whole LSI team could not wait to stuff themselves with the Asian fun-fare, everyone gave time to keep quiet and thank their Creator for the food that was on their plates. And, when everyone was done with their invocations, the whole group feasted on everything that was served – not leaving any viand untasted.

All servings were finished within minutes, and everyone laughingly shared stories on what was good and who ate the most. Photos were taken not only with happy smiles but also with happy tummies. And, these only signaled the beginning of the fun-filled evening for them.

The team left Mongkok and proceeded to their next venue – Music Platinum KTV. Employees got enthusiastic when they saw the huge private room that was reserved exclusively for all of them, not to mention their very own karaoke machine. But before LeadYa’s rock stars, divas, songbirds, and balladeers got the chance to hold the microphone, the company’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Oron Barber, started to make a speech which indicated the start of the LeadYa Christmas Party program.

As soon as Mr. Barber was finished with his speech, employees started dressing up for the Luau. The gents had different takes on typical Hawaiian outfits such as colorful printed shirts, board shorts, and wicker hats, while the ladies wore pretty floral dresses and blouses that matched their lovely leis. Everyone flaunted their attires as they walked along the “catwalk” to determine the guy and the gal who won the Star of the Night Awards.

The programs’ emcees, Yen and Toni, LeadYa’s very own, then continued with the program, telling the employees to get ready for the annual team presentation contest. Employees were divided into three teams, each one making their very own performance that had to please judges for the cash prize.

LeadYa’s employees brought out their inner stars and performers as they sang, danced, and acted their hearts out. Even though there was a competitive vibe in the air, members of other teams could not help but laugh and enjoy their competitions’ Hawaiian-themed performances.

As all teams finished their presentations, they all expected that the judges would already announce the results, but Mr. Oron had something else in mind. Everyone was surprised when he burst into a much loved Filipino Christmas carol – Noche Buena. Of course, everyone willingly and cheerfully joined in the singing of the song.

Although one team had to come out on top, everybody did not even bother to ponder on the results because everyone was left amused with each other, only highlighting the true spirit of Christmas – selfless love and happiness.

During the program, LeadYa employees also gave their Kris Kringle gifts to their “babies”, revealing each one’s identities – perfect for Christmas’ season of giving and sharing. As everyone gave away gifts, they also received gifts in return, filling the atmosphere with sounds similar to children gleefully opening their presents. This signified the end of the Christmas party program, only signifying the start of party and karaoke time.

Everyone got their party-game on in no-time. Numerous cases of beer came into the room, while employees started singing their hearts out together. Shared stories and laughter accompanied by bottles of beer made the room’s mood festive than ever – indeed a perfect way to unwind and enjoy the holiday season after a long day’s work. LeadYa sang and danced their night away.

Midnight came and everybody knew that they had to head back home. Nobody was saddened by the fact that the night was over because everyone was still in party mode, still singing, dancing, and chatting along the streets of Makati. Even though goodbyes and good nights were said, this only made each employee’s Christmas amazing like no other. It was definitely a night to remember, and a night to forever cherish – a night that strengthened the bond of the LeadYa Ohana (family). Merry Christmas!