LeadYa wishes you a Happy Halloween!

LeadYa Holds a Spooktastic Halloween Trick or Treat Party

The month of October would not be complete without Halloween parties, costumes and candy. This year LeadYa joins in the festivities with their own version of Halloween Trick or Treating.

The day started with excited chatter from every member of the LeadYa family as they started arriving early in the morning. Everyone gamely donned their best Halloween costumes hoping to win the coveted secret prize.

When witching hour came around (which was 4:15PM for this event only and not 12 midnight!) the office was invaded by monsters, ghouls and scary masked men and women. Some came as masked wrestlers, clowns and that killer from the Scary Movie franchise. Others were less scary, wearing costumes inspired by vampire cartoon characters and winged creatures of the night.

But not everyone was a fan of scary costumes. Oron came to the party wearing a super cute orange monkey mask while Kali’s light up pumpkin headband looked quirky and fun. Carlo came in as Luigi Mario from the Mario Brothers and Denise, one of the newest members of Leadya, brought her costumed Pikachu to complete her Pokemon trainer outfit.

In the end only one was crowned best costume. Myta emerged victorious for her portrayal of the controversial victims of the EJK. Her costume was truly inspired and so inexpensive, which is always a plus. Myta wore a plastic garbage bag, made herself look derelict and held up help up a sign that said “Antok, Wag Tularan” instead of the usual signs that EJK victims have. She even lay down on the floor to make it even more realistic. Congratulations Myta for winning the best in costume award.

The management has generously provided pizza and other snacks to celebrate the spirit of Halloween. More photos were taken and the food was gone in a flash.

After Leadya’s Halloween party, several of our colleagues took initiative to give out all the candies they saved to other children in one spot somewhere in Makati. Myta volunteered the street where she lives.

Children playing along the streets near Kalayaan Avenue came towards us and curiously held out their hands. When the candy came flowing out from our paper bags, more children came—including some old folks who had young children in their homes but didn’t want to go out. We had to line the kids up so that everyone got a fair share! In the end, the kids went home with chocolate treats in their mouths and big smiles on their faces.

A lot of these kids were happy that they experienced a trick or treat event this early, or at all. LeadYa is always glad to share its blessings to anyone around them.

The overwhelming support of the management and employees made LeadYa’s Halloween Trick or Treat event a success. Everyone is already looking forward to next year’s party. Happy Halloween!