CoinPoint-Azooki Teams Up for the Ultimate Weekend Getaway!

Hustling their way for an out-of-town trip was not an option for the members of CoinPoint. This time, together with Tony from the Azooki team, they booked a two-day stay at Azure Urban Resort Residences to relax and chill out in the paradise on the edge of the concrete jungle.

This Azure escapade was all about enjoying the company of their fellow employees minus the adrenaline and action of the adventurous bunch in their previous paintball team activity. But this did not stop them from having fun.

Before heading to the resort, the team decided to meet each other at SM Bicutan to do grocery shopping in the morning. One by one, the members rendezvoused at the mall just in time for the supermarket to open.

With all items ticked off the must-buy list, the excited hard workers headed for the urban resort by foot. The walk under the scorching sun beside the busy roads made the rather short journey more worth it as they made their way past the friendly security personnel at the gates.

The towering residences welcomed the team, and only a few steps away were the hot sands, cool breeze, and gushing waves. But the need to rest and the grumble in their stomach were simply too hard to ignore.

Just in time for lunch, Yen and Mads took charge of the kitchen. The simmering sounds of the pot and the inviting scent made everyone crave for a good meal. After several minutes, they were not disappointed as soon as the dish was served. They all said grace and happily chomped on the ‘MadYen’ special chicken adobo while sharing stories, all too excited for what await them.

Their bellies filled with delight, the ultimate chill experience was set to begin, but not until an impromptu movie marathon. Like they say, beautiful things happen when unplanned.

Finally, it was time for the one-of-a-kind beach experience!

With the sun giving out its modest heat while the cool wind breezed through, everything certainly was picture-perfect. The team took spectacular group photos, enjoyed the stunning environment and waded in the pools. Things got better when all members swam together and braved the waves brought by the immense pool in the resort. It was like summer all over again!

As the sun hurled back and gave way for the moon, the team decided to head back to their quarters to freshen up for dinner. Having the Filipino dish for lunch, they had the American vibe kicking in. Scrumptious pizza, fried chicken, and mojos were the highlight of the night, but as the cliché goes: the night was still young.

Everyone gathered in the lounge area, the remaining hours witnessed the bond the members made topped with good laughs, awesome drinks, and soulful music. It was, after all, a perfect way to end a fun-filled day.

But the escape from the city was by no means finished. The smell of the breakfast staples filled the cozy home early in the morning, delicious enough to get everyone started to make the most of their remaining hours at Azure.

Still on high spirits, the bunch was surprised by Oron and Eilon, the big bosses of the company. The morning was well spent swimming in the wave pool, playing Frisbee, and sharing a few drinks in the veranda.

As it nears noon, everyone knew it was time to leave the paradise and back to the real word. The boys and girls of CoinPoint and Azooki packed their bags, tidied up the quarters, and readied themselves to part ways and go home.

The Azure escapade was no doubt a success as all members who are part of this fun day now see and treat each other more than workmates.

Camaraderie and openness are two vital factors that were given light by the short but sweet stay at Azure. The team has left the place with unwavering zeal and hope in their hearts. Thank you, LeadYa!