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LeadYa Holds a Spooktastic Halloween Trick or Treat Party

The month of October would not be complete without Halloween parties, costumes and candy. This year LeadYa joins in the festivities with their own version of Halloween Trick or Treating. The day started with excited chatter from every member of the LeadYa family as they started arriving early in the morning. Everyone gamely donned their […]

LeadYa Celebrates October with Birthdays and a Powwow

This monthly staff meeting was made better with the birthday celebration of two LeadYa members. Food and costumes graced these occasions. The monthly staff meeting for October was held at the LeadYa common area on October 27, 2016. It was held as a prelude to the Halloween and October Birthday celebration, which were also scheduled on […]

LeadYa’s Inaugural Table Tennis Tournament

Table tennis—or colloquially called Ping Pong—is a renowned sport around the globe. There are plenty of tournaments that take place in different countries, but LeadYa recently organized and successfully held its own competition that took adrenaline levels to a whole new level. The idea of a company-wide table tennis tournament started with Charles and Moran […]

Nonstop Course Dinner Buffet with LeadYa Colleagues

When we hear the word Viking, thoughts of enormous men and women munching on meat and boatloads of carbohydrates are things that commonly cross our minds. However, this time, we were given the pleasure to yield the Vikings experience—thanks to LeadYa! Indeed, there’s no better way to end a work week other than feasting on […]

LeadYa Strengthened the Team through Giving and Sharing

They are a true workaholic, but valuing fun and camaraderie are also vital factors to get a dream team and help grow its business. These are the fundamental elements that any team should possess. The balance of work and fun effectively helps every employee.